This is an online service to help collectors identify and obtain the value of their dolls.
Your appraisal can be used for auctions, personal knowledge, charitable donations, etc.
  • A Short appraisal for a basic doll appraisal that tells about the doll and gives its Fair Market Value and Replacement value is $20.00. A matched set of dolls will be charged as one.
  • You can have a more Detailed Appraisal that will include the history of doll, the manufacture, the care of the doll, and other information that applies to the doll. It also will give its Fair Market and Replacement value. The cost of a Detailed Appraisal is $35.00
  • I also accept payment personal checks and Money Orders. I will hold personal checks until they clear. Please make checks payable to Victoria Way.
Please note that not all dolls can be identified. Some dolls are that are very hard to find information about are unmarked dolls of any kind, tourist and souvenir dolls, cheaper made dolls such as dolls sold in supermarkets, made in Asia in the last 25 years, or local artist dolls. Sometimes I can only give the approximate age of the doll, and maybe where it came from. I will not charge for an appraisal that I cannot find enough information about. I can give general information and the value of the doll if you wish, but I would contact you and let you decide if you want to pay for an appraisal with limited information or not.
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